Beginning on my birthday this year I decided to start documenting all new restaurants I try. I splurged on the most elegant restaurant journal way back in January, but I simply have been too preoccupied with other things to write in it. Well, no more. And since I planned a special birthday dinner to a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try for over a year (last year it was impossible to get reservations), I figured it was the perfect time to begin detailing these experiences.

I invited a small group of my favorite people to join me for drinks and dinner at Sepia. People gradually trickled in as we all enjoyed some of the best cocktails I’ve had in Chicago. Although their cheese and charcuterie plates left something to be desired, their staff quickly fixed us some new ones when they failed to bring our half finished portions from the lounge to our table (which was in a secluded nook in the back – awesome). This kind of quality service sustained throughout the meal.

Honestly I really wanted to order the Flat Iron Steak, but sadly they were out. My friend Michele told me I would “see God” if I ordered the pork, and really someone needed to test this statement. Unfortunately, while my meal was tasty, it did not deliver any sort of religious experience. The potatoes were extra smooth, but the collard greens were a little too bitter for my liking. And the pork chop itself was…well…boring. When I go to a restaurant and eat a meal I feel I could make myself, without much effort, its disappointing.

These, on the other hand, were amazing. Duck fat potatoes. Mmmm. I would’ve been happy making a meal outta them.

And this was amazing as well. Both the presentation and the flavor. Overall I had a really great time and was treated really well by the Sepia staff, but ultimately I don’t know that I would return for the food. Maybe someday if I feel like having a swanky cocktail…


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