Day 3 – Something Green

So last Friday, Day 3 (Clouds)  of the 30 Day Challenge, I was met with a dull cloudy blanket. So I opted to simply swap Day 4 – Something Green instead. This fiery little guy is one of a handful of habanero peppers growing in a pot on our fire escape. This was probably not the best summer to play Gardening 101, but we’ve been rather fortunate, considering. And we’ve learned a lot along the way, so as long as the weather isn’t so exxxtremely wonky next year we should be able to grow a seriously decent crop.

I was looking forward to Day 4 – Clouds on Saturday, as the weather was scheduled to be a mix of both sun and showers – the perfect cloud variety. Unfortunately, at around 3 am on Friday night I woke up with a serious case of vertigo. Every time I made a swift move of my head I felt like I had just spent 5 minutes in tumbling around in the dryer. After cancelling all my Saturday plans and replacing them with a lunch date with the doctor, I was diagnosed with “Benign Positional Vertigo.” Which is basically exactly what it sounds like – a harmless dizziness brought on by changing positions. And the only way to cure it is to lay on your back until you are back to normal, basically. And so began my now 3 day hiatus from doing much of anything, including taking pictures, exercising and preparing healthy meals myself.  I’m seriously praying tomorrow is dizzy-free, as I’m not the happiest person to be around right now (3 days on the couch will do that to ya.)



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