Day 3 – Something Green

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So last Friday, Day 3 (Clouds)  of the 30 Day Challenge, I was met with a dull cloudy blanket. So I opted to simply swap Day 4 – Something Green instead. This fiery little guy is one of a handful of habanero peppers growing in a pot on our fire escape. This was probably not the best summer to play Gardening 101, but we’ve been rather fortunate, considering. And we’ve learned a lot along the way, so as long as the weather isn’t so exxxtremely wonky next year we should be able to grow a seriously decent crop.

I was looking forward to Day 4 – Clouds on Saturday, as the weather was scheduled to be a mix of both sun and showers – the perfect cloud variety. Unfortunately, at around 3 am on Friday night I woke up with a serious case of vertigo. Every time I made a swift move of my head I felt like I had just spent 5 minutes in tumbling around in the dryer. After cancelling all my Saturday plans and replacing them with a lunch date with the doctor, I was diagnosed with “Benign Positional Vertigo.” Which is basically exactly what it sounds like – a harmless dizziness brought on by changing positions. And the only way to cure it is to lay on your back until you are back to normal, basically. And so began my now 3 day hiatus from doing much of anything, including taking pictures, exercising and preparing healthy meals myself.  I’m seriously praying tomorrow is dizzy-free, as I’m not the happiest person to be around right now (3 days on the couch will do that to ya.)



Day 2 – What I wore today

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Since I currently work from home, there are often days when “what I wore today” translates to yoga pants and a t-shirt. Its cool for a day or two, but after that I’m dying for an excuse to put on a fancy dress and go out – and not just to the post office. Fortunately yesterday I had evening dinner plans and thus a reason to get dolled up.  Otherwise this daily challenge shot might have turned out to be much more challenging.

Day 2 of the weight loss challenge was not as easy.  My addiction to Groupons has led to many great experiences, including last night’s prix fixe meal and beer flight at Marion Street Cheese Market. Unfortunately prix fixe meals and beer flights are not often found on the Path to Weight Loss. Considering I’ve also committed to exercising every day for the next 28 days as well, I think if I am careful the rest of the week there will still be less of me come next Wednesday’s first weigh in. Good thing its on the chillier side now, because its Veggie Barley Soup night!

30 Day Challenge(s)

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Okay so I’m all about killing several birds with one stone. And I’m about to attempt to kill four over the next 30 days with White Peach Photography’s 30 Day Photography Challenge.

1.) Improve my photography skills and just get out there and actually photograph stuff. This continues to live on my perpetual “To Do” list, so I needed something to jump start me into action. And this beautiful little list was just the ticket.

2.) Teach myself how to use Photoshop. Sadly last month my old Mac desktop died after I blew a fuse when it was booting. Whats even more sad is that I’ve been using iPhoto for the past 5 years to edit all my pics, despite the fact that my boyfriend has Photoshop on his PC. Now that I’ve temporarily been left to share his laptop, I’m turning my loss into a learning gain and teaching myself, albeit slowly, to use Photoshop.

3.) Blog. Yes folks, I’m still determined to become a true blogger. At least you all know you’ll get 30 days of posts. Hopefully more, but lets take one thing at a time…

4.) Lose 13 pounds. Yes, you heard me right – I am using the 30 Day Challenge as a means of visually recording my attempt to return to the weight I was when I left Weight Watchers in 2005. Six years ago I joined WW in an attempt to lose as much weight as possible before my 10th high school reunion. I lost 55 lbs in 10 months and promised myself that if I gained more than 10 lbs back that I would return to WW.  I’ve “returned” several times over the last year, but somehow I never seem to stay very long. So the only way to hold myself accountable is to publicly record my process for all to see. And with that I present Day 1 – Self Portrait:

This is as close I’ll get to your traditional “Before” shot. I love the way the sun shines through my french door curtains in the morning and the light was perfect for this shot. The only Photoshopping I did to this one was a little cropping – I liked the way it turned out.  So far, so good. Now I only have 29 days and 13 lbs to go…

Weekly Finds 7.24.11 – Chill

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In this day of social networking overload, I feel like I have a million outlets to share whatever, whenever. So I’m resuming my Weekly Finds posts, but this time refining them to make them more thematic and, in this case, timely. So this week I bring you some creative ways to cool off in this heatwave we’re having…

What Are You Waiting For?

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Like many folks, I absolutely love stories like this one, where everyday people take control of the chaos in their personal lives and channel it into something positive. Why not? Because really there is No Day But Today

As someone who detests the very idea of regret, I’m quite a fan of the bucket list. When I was a junior in high school, long before the bucket list phenomenon evolved, I was compelled to make my own “99 Things To Do Before I Die” list after reading a how-to in the publication that has empowered teenage girls for decades…Cosmo. Yes somewhere in between “31 Sizzling Ways to Please Your Man” and the “What Does Your Underwear Drawer Reveal About You?” quiz there was a tiny, inspirational nugget. Reading over the actual list via 1993 legal yellow notebook paper, the Cosmo influence is clearly evident.  #17 – Drink champagne out of a high heel shoe. #43 – Go wild in Rio during carnival. #79 – Let someone feed me peeled grapes. And while I’m sure I will likely never cruise gently down the Nile in a white sailed felucca (#48) or own and fix up an abandoned lighthouse (#62), I must say I am honestly proud to have crossed 26 items off the list.

Goals for my 34th year on this planet? #7 – Have a picnic on the beach in the winter. #56 – Go up in a hot air balloon. #94 – Plant a wildflower garden. And if I’m really ambitious maybe I’ll even swim with a dolphin (#16).

What about you? What tops your list?

Practice Makes (Picture) Perfect

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Blogging isn’t the only thing I’ve jumped into whole-heartedly, only to abandon it a short time after. I tend to do this a lot. There are just too many skills I want to learn and master for me to focus on just one! Currently I’m going through a photography phase, which was actually brought on by the desire to take better food photos for my blog. Sigh. In any event I have tried my hands twice now at the 365 project, unsuccessfully. Now I’m taking the same attitude with my photography as I am with my blogging – practice as often as I can, no pressure. And it seems to be working. Still I wouldn’t mind one day coming up with a simple, yet ingenious photography concept like these folks…


A self doc on Levitation from Yowayowa.


An inspirational (and completed) take on the 365 Project by Parker Fitzgerald.



Beautiful in its simplicity, both concept and execution, Of Recklessness and Water by Elizabeth Weinberg.

A Sassy Revival

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I’ve been wanting to take yet another stab at the blogosphere for a while now, but I just needed the proper inspiration. And today I found it. As I was cleaning out my craft room I ran across this page from the January 1992 issue of Sassy magazine.  And somehow this discovery felt larger than a mere addition to one of my random Facebook photo albums or a witty TwitPic share. Yes I’ve been holding onto this worn page for 19 years now. So much can be said through this one small act.

They say third time’s the charm, right? Here’s to hoping that statement holds true for Show Some Moxie. And who knows maybe I’ll finally get around to making that necktie mini…