What Are You Waiting For?

Like many folks, I absolutely love stories like this one, where everyday people take control of the chaos in their personal lives and channel it into something positive. Why not? Because really there is No Day But Today

As someone who detests the very idea of regret, I’m quite a fan of the bucket list. When I was a junior in high school, long before the bucket list phenomenon evolved, I was compelled to make my own “99 Things To Do Before I Die” list after reading a how-to in the publication that has empowered teenage girls for decades…Cosmo. Yes somewhere in between “31 Sizzling Ways to Please Your Man” and the “What Does Your Underwear Drawer Reveal About You?” quiz there was a tiny, inspirational nugget. Reading over the actual list via 1993 legal yellow notebook paper, the Cosmo influence is clearly evident.  #17 – Drink champagne out of a high heel shoe. #43 – Go wild in Rio during carnival. #79 – Let someone feed me peeled grapes. And while I’m sure I will likely never cruise gently down the Nile in a white sailed felucca (#48) or own and fix up an abandoned lighthouse (#62), I must say I am honestly proud to have crossed 26 items off the list.

Goals for my 34th year on this planet? #7 – Have a picnic on the beach in the winter. #56 – Go up in a hot air balloon. #94 – Plant a wildflower garden. And if I’m really ambitious maybe I’ll even swim with a dolphin (#16).

What about you? What tops your list?


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