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What Are You Waiting For?

Posted in Follow Your Heart with tags , on July 21, 2011 by showsomemoxie

Like many folks, I absolutely love stories like this one, where everyday people take control of the chaos in their personal lives and channel it into something positive. Why not? Because really there is No Day But Today

As someone who detests the very idea of regret, I’m quite a fan of the bucket list. When I was a junior in high school, long before the bucket list phenomenon evolved, I was compelled to make my own “99 Things To Do Before I Die” list after reading a how-to in the publication that has empowered teenage girls for decades…Cosmo. Yes somewhere in between “31 Sizzling Ways to Please Your Man” and the “What Does Your Underwear Drawer Reveal About You?” quiz there was a tiny, inspirational nugget. Reading over the actual list via 1993 legal yellow notebook paper, the Cosmo influence is clearly evident.  #17 – Drink champagne out of a high heel shoe. #43 – Go wild in Rio during carnival. #79 – Let someone feed me peeled grapes. And while I’m sure I will likely never cruise gently down the Nile in a white sailed felucca (#48) or own and fix up an abandoned lighthouse (#62), I must say I am honestly proud to have crossed 26 items off the list.

Goals for my 34th year on this planet? #7 – Have a picnic on the beach in the winter. #56 – Go up in a hot air balloon. #94 – Plant a wildflower garden. And if I’m really ambitious maybe I’ll even swim with a dolphin (#16).

What about you? What tops your list?


Practice Makes (Picture) Perfect

Posted in Follow Your Heart with tags , on June 30, 2011 by showsomemoxie

Blogging isn’t the only thing I’ve jumped into whole-heartedly, only to abandon it a short time after. I tend to do this a lot. There are just too many skills I want to learn and master for me to focus on just one! Currently I’m going through a photography phase, which was actually brought on by the desire to take better food photos for my blog. Sigh. In any event I have tried my hands twice now at the 365 project, unsuccessfully. Now I’m taking the same attitude with my photography as I am with my blogging – practice as often as I can, no pressure. And it seems to be working. Still I wouldn’t mind one day coming up with a simple, yet ingenious photography concept like these folks…


A self doc on Levitation from Yowayowa.


An inspirational (and completed) take on the 365 Project by Parker Fitzgerald.



Beautiful in its simplicity, both concept and execution, Of Recklessness and Water by Elizabeth Weinberg.

Day 6 – Organizing a Craft Fair

Posted in Follow Your Heart with tags , , , on August 3, 2010 by showsomemoxie

Today marked Day 6 of my new life and I can’t say this loudly enough – I LOVE IT. I am relaxed, uber content and I feel more productive than ever. This afternoon I joined forces with Megan Lee Designs and Subversive Seamstress once again to continue planning the first art show and craft fair combo we’ve ever organized. 50/50 Pilsen will take place during the 40th anniversary of the Pilsen Art Walk this October. It is our attempt to examine the lines where art and craft intersect. More details will be coming soon, but I’m very happy with our work so far and Meg’s clean web design (which incorporates a certain someone’s embroidery talents…ahem).

Day 1

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Today marks Day One of my self employment endeavor. So excited! On the agenda: begin massive craft room clean-up, blog, and continue building Google map of potential stores to sell in. Oh yeah and use new fabric that looks like notebook paper to create an embroidery piece inspired by this:

Sigh. That never gets old.

The BSP – Its a Win-Win

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Do you like free stuff? Do I even have to ask? If you love good design, shopping online and/or winning things, then you best head over to The Bright Side Project pronto. The BSP offers you a chance to win something new every day, just by answering a simple question. Its kind of ingenious, and I really wanted to be part of it. And you know sometimes that old adage “ask and you shall receive” really does hold true, as you can currently enter for a chance to win a $60 gift certificate to my Etsy store if you answer by July 10th. Just a hint – the more detailed answer, the better. Now go!

Taking the Leap

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photo by msconnections

In a little over two weeks I will be embarking on a new, exciting adventure. On July 20th I will be transitioning from full time librarian/manager, part time crafter to crafting full time. A lot of factors went into this decision, but it is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Despite my love for librarianship, I have not really been happy at work for a while now. Being a librarian and being a manager are two totally different jobs and ultimately I have found that I do not like overseeing people. Overseeing projects? Love it. Being responsible for over a dozen very different human beings and their varying skill sets and personalities? Not my bag. And if there is one thing I’ve learned during my stint as manager, its this – you really need to like your job in order to be effective.

And so I decided to do both my staff and myself a favor by pursuing what really brings me true happiness right now – my arting and crafting. Over the last two years, while I have been growing more discontent at work, I have watched so many creative friends take this same leap and succeed. Now the definition of success is very subjective, I know. My lifestyle as I have known it for the last eight years will likely change. But I am willing to trade in the occasional dinner at a fancy restaurant for the freedom to spend my time managing me and my own projects. I have seen firsthand the heightened self satisfaction and overall quality of life that this has brought to many others and I believe it will happen to me too!

So stay tuned. One my of daily goals once I start my new life is to blog daily. Its a long held desire that I haven’t had time to pursue until now. And there are others too, but I’m sure I’ll be detailing all of them very soon…