-mandy is passionate (sometimes to a fault)
-mandy is attracted to hearts and rainbows
-mandy loves gin, artful domesticity, The Decemberists/Jenny Lewis/Stevie Wonder, making plans, maps, reading on the beach
-mandy has a growing collection of all things Alice in Wonderland
-mandy likes to try new things
-mandy is a sucker for a good perfume
-mandy could spend endless hours vintage thrifting (and has)
-mandy does not like salmon, opening tubes of dough/champagne bottles/anything with an unexpected pop, Walmart, resistance towards change
-mandy is intrigued by Japanese culture
-mandy wants a dog
-mandy doesn’t have much self discipline
-mandy dreams often and of bizarre, wonderful things
-mandy has a thing for red lipstick
-mandy almost never orders the same thing twice at a restaurant

Mandy would like to thank shutterbean for inspiring the structure for her “About” page.  Its perfect!

Mandy would also like to thank byMasseyln for the beautiful design of this blog.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. haha! im glad i you like the about format. works well huh?! I could spend hours at anthropologie! and have! love your blog btw. so many good finds 🙂

  2. showsomemoxie Says:

    Yes I love me a good “About” page and yours really grabbed me. I’m taking a leave of absence in August from my current job and one of my many goals is to blog the hell away. So hopefully I can bring ya more good finds!

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