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E is for Epistolary

Posted in Alphabet Etsy with tags , on August 6, 2010 by showsomemoxie

An ode to old fashioned written correspondence…

Olive’s AirMail Linen Pillow Cover

Damn French Desserts’ Fragile Handle With Care Card

Kumquat Designs’ Letters She Wrote

The Brit Boutique’s Leather Correspondence Case

RubyDoll Creations’ Ostrich Feather Pen


D is for Dessert

Posted in Alphabet Etsy with tags , , on July 31, 2010 by showsomemoxie

Picking up where I left off way back when, I’m dedicating this week’s alphabet Etsy to something we all love – dessert.

3Fun’s Ice Cream Earrings

soapopotamus’s Sugar Wafer Cookie Mini Guest Soaps

Crafty Anna’s Play Food Crochet Pattern – Bake a Pie

devaniweaver’s Cupcake Dress with sprinkles and a cherry on top

Lolasroom Sweet Shop 5×5 print

C is for CityScape

Posted in Alphabet Etsy with tags , on September 20, 2009 by showsomemoxie

Wow I really didn’t anticipate taking an entire month of from blogging! Planning for vacation and Renegade took up most of my spare time, but now I’m back and prepared to flesh out all of the posts that are living inside my head. I’ll start with the next edition of Alphabet Etsy – cityscapes.


prismpop’s DIY NYC


blockpartypress’s Urban Jungle Necklace


theraveniron’s CITYWIDE


beta’s Night Shade Women’s Tshirt


reVisionDesign’s Recycled Shopping Bag Coasters

B is for Bonsai

Posted in Alphabet Etsy with tags , on August 15, 2009 by showsomemoxie

This week’s been a busy week, but I’m anxious to get some more blogging done this weekend! My second Alphabet Etsy installment is dedicated to another current obsession – bonsai.


DecorDesign’s Bonsai Tree Wall Decal


Intres’s Bonsai Felt Tree


laurageorge’s Bonsai Party


Ahpeele’s Sakura Rain in the pine trees Burnout Tunic


ValerieTyler’s Tranquility Bonsai

A is for Airplane

Posted in Alphabet Etsy with tags , on August 9, 2009 by showsomemoxie

One the many reasons I wanted to start a blog was so that I could feature all of the amazing sellers that are on Etsy. And because I thrive on coming up with (cheesy) themes for just about everything, I’m going to start an “Alphabet Etsy” weekly feature. Thus without further ado I will begin my first installment “A is for Airplane”. Because I love all things having to do with travel, airplanes/airports especially.


ZoeChen’s Never Say Goodbye to Paper Airplane grey dress


shehitpausestudios’s angelic 8×10 polaroid transfer of girl with toy airplane


blackbirdletterpress’s flying letterpress cards


roundrabbit’s Its a Plane Retro Porcelain Necklace


collettes1pillbox’s  Airplanes bag