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Weekly Finds 7.24.11 – Chill

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In this day of social networking overload, I feel like I have a million outlets to share whatever, whenever. So I’m resuming my Weekly Finds posts, but this time refining them to make them more thematic and, in this case, timely. So this week I bring you some creative ways to cool off in this heatwave we’re having…


Weekly Finds 8.8.10

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So many fun finds this week, like the fairytale bed brought to life by photographer Ditte Isager. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in that? Other treasures I discovered:

Or for those of you who shudder at sleeping outdoors, perhaps this bed is more your style…

Weekly Finds 8.1.10

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Happy to also return to sharing my weekly finds with everyone, this time on a true weekly basis. Hooray! James Hopkins’ Vanitas fall under the “how did he/she/they think of that?” category. Other finds this week include:

Weekly Finds 4.18.10

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After several months of not blogging, I am more than a bit excited to resume it once again. And without further ado, here are my weekly finds for this week. If only I had a Smitten Stick Kit – blogging would be even more fun a la moustache…

New Blogs: I’ve been spending some time sifting through all of the blogs that have highlighted my embroidery at some point and found some gems in the bunch so far. The Violet Hours, Sakura NYC, Little Ocean.

Music Downloaded: Sarah Borges and Broken Singles/The Stars are Out, Ha Ha Tonka/Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South, Nellie McKay/Normal as Blueberry Pie.

Ideas/Inspirations: Postcarden, Victory Garden of Tomorrow, Floating Shelves

Weekly Finds 8.16.09

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While I organize my blog posts for the upcoming week, I’ll leave with my finds from this past week. Like these make-at-home paper owls from Mibo (available for  download for only about $1.65).

Weekly Finds 8.9.09

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Every week I hope to share the various new and interesting things I’ve discovered over the past 7 days. I’m sure the content will vary from week to week, but I hope you might enjoy some of my finds too. Like the Animal Index book organizers by Hiroshi Sasagawa featured above. If only the library’s budget could support something like this…