Weekly Finds 8.8.10

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So many fun finds this week, like the fairytale bed brought to life by photographer Ditte Isager. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in that? Other treasures I discovered:

Or for those of you who shudder at sleeping outdoors, perhaps this bed is more your style…


E is for Epistolary

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An ode to old fashioned written correspondence…

Olive’s AirMail Linen Pillow Cover

Damn French Desserts’ Fragile Handle With Care Card

Kumquat Designs’ Letters She Wrote

The Brit Boutique’s Leather Correspondence Case

RubyDoll Creations’ Ostrich Feather Pen

Day 6 – Organizing a Craft Fair

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Today marked Day 6 of my new life and I can’t say this loudly enough – I LOVE IT. I am relaxed, uber content and I feel more productive than ever. This afternoon I joined forces with Megan Lee Designs and Subversive Seamstress once again to continue planning the first art show and craft fair combo we’ve ever organized. 50/50 Pilsen will take place during the 40th anniversary of the Pilsen Art Walk this October. It is our attempt to examine the lines where art and craft intersect. More details will be coming soon, but I’m very happy with our work so far and Meg’s clean web design (which incorporates a certain someone’s embroidery talents…ahem).


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Beginning on my birthday this year I decided to start documenting all new restaurants I try. I splurged on the most elegant restaurant journal way back in January, but I simply have been too preoccupied with other things to write in it. Well, no more. And since I planned a special birthday dinner to a restaurant that I’ve been dying to try for over a year (last year it was impossible to get reservations), I figured it was the perfect time to begin detailing these experiences.

I invited a small group of my favorite people to join me for drinks and dinner at Sepia. People gradually trickled in as we all enjoyed some of the best cocktails I’ve had in Chicago. Although their cheese and charcuterie plates left something to be desired, their staff quickly fixed us some new ones when they failed to bring our half finished portions from the lounge to our table (which was in a secluded nook in the back – awesome). This kind of quality service sustained throughout the meal.

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Weekly Finds 8.1.10

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Happy to also return to sharing my weekly finds with everyone, this time on a true weekly basis. Hooray! James Hopkins’ Vanitas fall under the “how did he/she/they think of that?” category. Other finds this week include:

D is for Dessert

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Picking up where I left off way back when, I’m dedicating this week’s alphabet Etsy to something we all love – dessert.

3Fun’s Ice Cream Earrings

soapopotamus’s Sugar Wafer Cookie Mini Guest Soaps

Crafty Anna’s Play Food Crochet Pattern – Bake a Pie

devaniweaver’s Cupcake Dress with sprinkles and a cherry on top

Lolasroom Sweet Shop 5×5 print

Day 1

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Today marks Day One of my self employment endeavor. So excited! On the agenda: begin massive craft room clean-up, blog, and continue building Google map of potential stores to sell in. Oh yeah and use new fabric that looks like notebook paper to create an embroidery piece inspired by this:

Sigh. That never gets old.